Does Stylaquin work? Yup, big time!

When we first started testing Stylaquin, we saw right away that it worked, but the site was small, and the increases were HUGE in percentage terms, 400% in year one, over 350% so far in year two. Heck, they were up 1200% during the first wave of the pandemic. Still, we wanted to see it on a larger site. Recently we were able to test on a site with significantly more traffic. Here’s what we saw in our first 15K sessions.

  • 14% of visitors used Stylaquin (STQ) when they shopped but 27% of return sessions used STQ when they shopped.
  • 70% more time on site when shoppers used STQ.
  • 185% more items viewed when shoppers used STQ.
  • Average return visits are 28% higher when shoppers used STQ.
  • Conversion rate 3.5% higher when shoppers used STQ.
  • AOV is 8% higher for STQ users.

It’s so exciting to see such a great benefit for e-commerce brands. If you are an innovative company on Shopify, we’d love to talk with you about increasing conversion rates, AOV and, time on site with Stylaquin. For a limited time, the installation is free and the cost is super affordable.