Is Sugar and Spice the Next Technology Disruption?

What is the biggest differentiator between your customer segments? By that I mean, when you sort your customers what are the first big buckets? Gender? Age? Geographic Region? Income? If gender is the biggest differentiator, then what I’m going to say is very, very important.

We treat all genders the same online. We shouldn’t. While life is a bell curve there is a real difference between how men and women shop. Does your website offer male and female customers the shopping experience that works for them?

The current online shopping experience was designed for the way men shop. That’s perfect if your customers are men. Men are mostly item shoppers, and they value speed and efficiency. Let’s say a guy needs a new white dress shirt, he’ll go online, choose color and size and make the purchase. He probably won’t worry about how the new shirt will work with his existing wardrobe and he probably won’t keep shopping just for fun. Women shop for fun. They usually think about how the items in their wardrobe will work together AND they have a lot more choices for fit, fabric, and fashion than men do.

There is a huge gender bias in how websites are built that favors the way men shop. Women make 87% of all purchases, so there’s a huge opportunity to make websites more appealing to women. If you want to see how to add the shopping experience women want to an existing website, without re-engineering or re-platforming, Stylaquin may be the right fit—give us a call.