The Stylaquin Bar Doesn't show

The Stylaquin bar isn’t showing up on your store
If the Stylaquin bar isn’t visible on your store after you have installed the Stylaquin app and have chosen a pricing plan, it is likely one of four reasons:
  1. You have enabled Stylaquin for “No one” on the Settings tab.  You need to enable Stylaquin for “All users” or “Testers only” for Stylaquin capabilities to appear.
  2. You have enabled Stylaquin for “Testers only” and you are not entering the correct testing URL when navigating to your store.  The “Testing” section on the Settings tab has more information about how to use the “Testers only” feature
  3. You haven’t enabled the Stylaquin “App embed” for your theme.  See the Set Up instructions for how to enable the Stylaquin App embed.
  4. The customer’s Shopify cart is in a different currency than your Shop’s currency. There is a current limitation of Stylaquin that you may enable multiple currencies for your online store, but Stylaquin capabilities will not be available to end-users using a currency other than your shop’s currency. If the Stylaquin bar is appearing for some customers but not others, this is the likely reason.