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Social Media Samples

Sample Social Media Posts

Now that you’ve added Stylaquin to your site, why not tell your customers about it? We’ve created some sample pieces for you to use, because it’s hard to write copy and come up with social media posts, believe us, we know.

Sample Email

Dear [personalize with their name],

Big things are happening at [Your Company Name or URL] We’ve been working to make shopping with us even better.

Have you ever wished that shopping online was more like flipping through a magazine? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place on websites where you could save items that strike your fancy and, best of all, see the things you like together, change colors and sizes till you have exactly what you want before checking out?

So have we!

That’s why we added Stylaquin to [Your Company Name or URL]. Stylaquin has created a patented shopping experience that lets you flip through [Your Company’s URL] by flipping or dragging products onto the Stylaquin bar, which appears on the right hand edge of our website.

It turns [Your Company Name or URL] into a magazine.

Stylaquin gives each product its own Look Book page, beautifully displayed like a magazine. When something catches your eye, you can add it to your Idea Board right from the Look Book page. (There’s a button in the product description.) Collect and curate whatever interests you as you browse our site. When and if you decide to purchase items, you can check out right from your Idea Board. If you’re undecided about a few items, they’ll be saved in your Idea Board for about a week.

You don’t have to use Stylaquin when you shop, but we hope you give it a try. It’s fun, just drag or flip an item onto the bar to get started.

We hope you enjoy the Stylaquin experience and look forward to your feedback.


[your name here] 

Sample Blog Post

We Know you love [Primary category you sell .eg. fashion, popcorn, sweaters, or your fur babies]! And we’ve made it more fun to discover what’s new and exciting on [your URL] by adding Stylaquin. 

Have you ever wished that online shopping could be more dynamic? More fun? That you could save all the things you were interested in, then come back later to pick up where you left off? Now you can. 

A New Way to Shop

Stylaquin is a patented website enhancement tool that lets you flip through [your website URL] like you flip through a magazine. Simply drag products onto the Stylaquin bar. When you see something you like, you can add it to your Idea Board, where you can collect and curate all the things that interest you. It’s fun to play with, so head on over to [your URL] and give it a try!

[Add more text about new items in your store, coming holidays or events, sales or promotions.]

Sample Tweet

[Website URL] just got more fun to shop. Check it out and drag one onto the bar for us! #Stylaquin 


How-to Videos

Videos that will teach you how to setup and get the most out of Stylaquin on Shopify

Below are videos that will teach you how to install and setup Stylaquin on your Shopify store’s website. There are also videos that will show you how to get the most out of Stylaquin. Subscribe to the Stylaquin YouTube channel to stay up to date on the latest Stylaquin How-to videos. 

How to test your theme with Stylaquin

How to test your theme's integration with Stylaquin

It’s always a good idea to test your theme to make sure the integration between Stylaquin and your theme and other apps is working as expected. This is especially true if you have a custom theme or are using a lot of apps on your Shopify site.

How to test

We recommend you test on both Apple and PC devices for desktop/laptop, and iOS and Android for mobile.

What to test

There are 4 basic areas of integration to test. Stylaquin Bar functionality, Look Book functionality, Idea Board functionality, and Cart Integration functionality.

Test the Stylaquin bar

Drag a product thumbnail image onto the Stylaquin Bar. This will open the Stylaquin Look Book where the product’s images will be displayed. Be sure to drag items from a category or collection page, rather than the home page, as home page images may not be linked to a product.

Resize the browser window and make sure both the Shopify side, and the Stylaquin Look Book side, repaint properly.

Look Book functionality

Drag another product onto the Stylaquin bar. You should see the product you dragged displayed in the Look Book.

Change some of the settings for the product, like color or size, then click the “Add to Idea Board” button. This will add the product to the Stylaquin Idea Board and open the Idea Board feature. In the Idea Board, check that the options you selected are correctly displayed with the product.

Idea Board functionality

In the Stylaquin Idea Board, you should be able to change colors and sizes of items, and see your choices display correctly in the image and product selectors that are below the product image.

Cart integration

In the Stylaquin Idea Board, add a product to the store’s cart Shopify. You can do this by clicking the “Add to cart” button or dragging the item up into the cart area of the Stylaquin Idea Board. First check that the Shopify cart’s Icon (cart or bag) shows the number of items in the cart. You will find the cart/bag icon at the top right of the Shopify window. Then open the store’s Shopify cart to make sure the item has been successfully added.

In the store’s Shopify cart, change the quantity of the item or delete the item. Check that the Idea Board is showing the change you just made.

That covers the basics!

The Stylaquin Bar doesn’t show

The Stylaquin Bar Doesn't show

The Stylaquin bar isn’t showing up on your store
If the Stylaquin bar isn’t visible on your store after you have installed the Stylaquin app and have chosen a pricing plan, it is likely one of four reasons:
  1. You have enabled Stylaquin for “No one” on the Settings tab.  You need to enable Stylaquin for “All users” or “Testers only” for Stylaquin capabilities to appear.
  2. You have enabled Stylaquin for “Testers only” and you are not entering the correct testing URL when navigating to your store.  The “Testing” section on the Settings tab has more information about how to use the “Testers only” feature
  3. You haven’t enabled the Stylaquin “App embed” for your theme.  See the Set Up instructions for how to enable the Stylaquin App embed.
  4. The customer’s Shopify cart is in a different currency than your Shop’s currency. There is a current limitation of Stylaquin that you may enable multiple currencies for your online store, but Stylaquin capabilities will not be available to end-users using a currency other than your shop’s currency. If the Stylaquin bar is appearing for some customers but not others, this is the likely reason.


Frequently Asked Questions

Stylaquin works best for stores with customers who enjoy browsing, typically women, though many men have told us they would absolutely prefer to shop with Stylaquin. Clothing, jewelry, shoes, home dec, and toys are all great categories for Stylaquin. Anything where mixing and matching, seeing products together, and narrowing down choices is part of the fun. Stylaquin engages the site visitors you already have, so new sites that are just building traffic may not see meaningful results for several months.
Stylaquin works best for stores with more than 10 products. If your store only has a few products, you won’t see the benefits of flipping through the site with the Look Book. Also, customers won’t need to use the Idea Board to collect and curate what they are interested in if they only have a few products to choose from.

Yes! Once you’ve installed Stylaquin, you can choose which collection, or collections, you want it to appear on. You can use Stylaquin to add fun and engagement to a sale, event, new product category launch, or even and online trunk sale. The collections feature is on the home page of the Stylaquin admin just below Quick Start.

Yes! Just go to the Shopify App Store and follow the simple instructions. You can add Stylaquin to your site with just a few clicks. Once you’ve installed Stylaquin, you can choose whether to enable the whole site, or limit Stylaquin to specific collections. You’ll find the collections feature on the home page of the Stylaquin app admin.

For sites with existing traffic and an established customer base, you will see that customers are staying longer and viewing more items after the first few weeks. This will continue to grow over time. Next you will start to notice your return visits will increase. Within a month or two you should start to see the number of visitors increase as well. After Stylaquin has been live for a few months, your organic traffic will increase because Google will see that visitors to your site are staying longer and returning more often, both signs that it is a good site to send search traffic to.

New websites that are just starting to build traffic will see results more slowly because Stylaquin engages existing traffic rather than generating new traffic. 

Stylaquin is currently available only on the Shopify platform. It works with all the free Shopify themes. It also works with most paid themes including customized themes since most Shopify themes are technically similar.

Regardless of the theme you are using, it is easy to test Stylaquin on your store before showing it to your customers by using Test Mode. The Stylaquin set up instructions provide details for how to test Stylaquin on your store before making it visible to customers.

If you are seeing anything that gives you concern, just let us know.  .

Yes, you can change the Stylaquin colors and fonts to match your website. The color-picker and font selector are in the Shopify Admin, in the Stylaquin App dashboard.

No, as long as the Stylaquin cookie is still active, the Idea Board will save all of the shoppers choices. This could be a week, or months, depending on their device. This means that when customers return to your site they can start shopping right where they left off, with all the things that interested them saved and easy to access. We are working on a feature that will allow customers to save and share their idea boards across multiple devices. How fun will that be?

Stylaquin is a Shopify App that delights and engages shoppers so they stay longer, view more items, return more often, and buy more when they do. Click the link below for a one minute video that shows how it works.

You will need to activate Stylaquin after you change your theme. You can simply run Quick Start again, or use the Activate & Preview Themes section on the Home page of the Stylaquin App.