Bar Tending

Social Media Samples

Sample Social Media Posts Now that you’ve added Stylaquin to your site, why not tell your customers about it? We’ve created some sample pieces for you to use, because it’s hard to write copy and come up with social media posts, believe us, we know. Sample Email Dear [personalize with their name], Big things are happening   →


Support We have a weekly meetup called Stylaquin Bar Tending (Get it? Stylaquin bar, bar tending…) every Monday at 5-6 eastern time. Questions, concerns and bad puns welcome. Sign up here. Request Help You can email, or create a support request ticket by clicking the button below. Create a Support Request How-to Videos Stylaquin   →

How-to Videos

Videos that will teach you how to setup and get the most out of Stylaquin on Shopify Below are videos that will teach you how to install and setup Stylaquin on your Shopify store’s website. There are also videos that will show you how to get the most out of Stylaquin. Subscribe to the Stylaquin   →

How to test your theme with Stylaquin

How to test your theme’s integration with Stylaquin It’s always a good idea to test your theme to make sure the integration between Stylaquin and your theme and other apps is working as expected. This is especially true if you have a custom theme or are using a lot of apps on your Shopify site.   →

Shopify and Stylaquin become out of sync with what is in a customer’s cart

Shopify and Stylaquin become out of sync with what’s in a customer’s cart Stylaquin integrates with many Shopify themes and Shopify apps, but it is possible you are running into an incompatibility between your theme or app and Stylaquin. Please contact the Stylaquin team and we’ll be happy to help.  Click to email Stylaquin Support

The Stylaquin Bar doesn’t show

The Stylaquin Bar Doesn’t show The Stylaquin bar isn’t showing up on your storeIf the Stylaquin bar isn’t visible on your store after you have installed the Stylaquin app and have chosen a pricing plan, it is likely one of four reasons: You have enabled Stylaquin for “No one” on the Settings tab.  You need   →


Frequently Asked Questions How do I know if Stylaquin is right for my store? Stylaquin works best for stores with customers who enjoy browsing, typically women, though many men have told us they would absolutely prefer to shop with Stylaquin. Clothing, jewelry, shoes, home dec, and toys are all great categories for Stylaquin. Anything where   →