3 technology innovations that can Increase Website Sales

3 Technology Innovations that can Increase Website Sales 1) FindMineFindmine works as a upsell engine that drives 3-7% additional revenue. It uses AI to suggest items that go well with what customers are looking at. It adds a suggestion bar to the bottom of each page that displays additional items. There is also integration with   →

So excited to be profiled by Engine!

So excited to be profiled by Engine! Here’s the link to Stylaquin’s profile by Engine. We are grateful to be selected and super supportive of the work Engine is doing to help promote Net Neutrality. https://www.engine.is/news/category/startupseverywhere-providence-rhode-island

Fast or Fun?

Fast or Fun? The future performance of your website will depend on how you answer this question: When customers come to your website do they want to buy something they already know exists or do they want to shop for fun? Think about that for a minute. Do they come to your site to buy   →

Gender bias, e-commerce and artificial intelligence

Gender Bias, E-commerce, and Artificial Intelligence Do you ever just know that something is wrong but you can’t quite put your finger on why? AI is coming. AI will revolutionize e-commerce. AI is the future. But is AI fixing the right problem? When you hear “I need to buy a shirt” did you picture a   →

Online shopping kind of sucks

Online shopping kind of sucks. I’ve spent the last 30 years with a laser focus on how women shop and what we have now isn’t cutting it for women. The web was designed by engineers and coders who value speed and efficiency. They did a brilliant job, it is fast and efficient, but if you   →

Bored with online shopping?

Bored with Online Shopping? We are too! The web should be as bold and beautiful as all the fabulous things you can buy. Is the dress fabulous, the suit just killer, or the shoes to die for? Why not show everything in all it’s glory AND make shopping easier and more intuitive? That’s where Stylaquin comes in. If   →