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Does your Shopify site need more repeat traffic and more sales?

Stylaquin is an easy to add app that transforms your Shopify site so customers want to stay longer, view more products and come back more often.

It won't cost a fortune, or require developers.

You can add Stylaquin to any Shopify site in 10-15 minutes. It uses your site’s images to automatically create beautiful layouts for all of your products so your customers can flip through your site like they flip through a magazine.  Check out the graphic below.

Image showing computer with the Stylaquin Look Book feature in operation open.

Stylaquin shoppers stay up to 70% longer and view up to 185% more products. 

But there's more...

Stylaquin also has an Idea Board where shoppers can collect and curate all the things that interest them. The Idea Board works as both an interactive styling board and a wishlist. Shoppers who use the Idea Board when they shop are up to 28% more likely to be repeat visitors, and they buy more when they return. Why? Because all the things that interested them are right there waiting so they can pick up where they left off. See the Idea Board in action below.

Animated gif showing a laptop displaying Stylaquin's Idea Board

Is Stylaquin right for your store?

Only you can decide that. Stylaquin makes shopping more beautiful and more engaging, without adding any work for you and your team. Stylaquin literally transforms the shopping experience on your Shopify website. To learn more jump on a demo where you can see Stylaquin on live sites, ask questions and learn more about the product insights you can only get with Stylaquin, To make it worth your time we have a special discount for new customers. Click the Join a Demo button below and choose a time that works for you. 

Available in the Shopify app store

Head over to the Shopify App Store by Clicking the Learn More button below. My promise to you is that, by the end of the 3 minute video, you will understand how Stylaquin can help you get more visitors, who stay longer, buy more, and return more often. So you can focus on marketing challenges, spend less time worrying about analytics, and make more money without additional work for you and your team.

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