Engagement fixes a lot of problems—more than you think

Engagement fixes a lot of problems—more than you think!

Every e-commerce site has the same basic goal—sell more stuff. SEO is the art of getting a site to rank higher with Google. But consider this from Google’s perspective. What is Google selling? They are selling the best search experience for users. They want you to have such a great search experience with Google that you won’t start using Bing or Ask or any other search engine. So Google’s algorithm looks at all the sites out there till it finds the ones that are most likely to make their customer happy. One of the most important, if not the most important metric for determining the best site, once the literal search criteria have been met, is engagement. Do visitors bounce or do they poke around and actually shop? Think about all the clothing stores out there, how else can Google rank a search like “White dress shirt with ruffled neck”, “Levis jeans”, or “Blue boat shoes”. Sticky wins.

This easy to understand, eight page guide, will teach you how Google sees your website (hint: It’s not the way you do) and how to leverage that for more traffic and more sales. Download your copy today!

There are several ways to make a site engaging. Having items on sale works on price-conscious shoppers. Beauty is also a big factor, we are naturally attracted to beauty. Make sure that your home page has a mix of new and bestsellers. Bestsellers are more likely to appeal to visitors and you want to get attention so visitors become shoppers. Make sure all the images on your home page are clickable. Make it easy for visitors to start shopping.

Making the shopping experience fun is going to move the needle with everyone. If you have two minutes, check out this video about a whole new way to shop online, one that’s faster, and has the tools women shoppers want. It’s a bold solution to the real problem, which is that websites are designed for speed and efficiency, not engagement.