Shopify tips and tricks

Finding your perfect customer

Want more business? Find your perfect customer Finding your perfect customer starts with getting to know your current customers. Marketers use personas to make visualizing and sharing who that customer is.  Your customer personas should reflect who your customers are, so first, you’ll need some data to work with. Shopify doesn’t provide much customer information   →

What are legal requirements for product copy?

There are legal requirements for product copy, and here they are. Material content Content refers to what the product is made of. If you are selling clothing you need to include what the fabric’s fiber content is and the percentage of each material. (100% Polyester, 80% Cotton 20% Linen, that kind of thing.) It isn’t   →

Using names to increase SEO in Shopify

There is real SEO power in a product’s name What’s in a name? Well, you determine that when you add it to your Shopify site. You can call a product anything you want, so here are some ideas for leveraging the product name for SEO success. Once a product is popular and well known, i.e.   →