Gender bias, e-commerce and artificial intelligence

Gender Bias, E-commerce, and Artificial Intelligence

Do you ever just know that something is wrong but you can’t quite put your finger on why? AI is coming. AI will revolutionize e-commerce. AI is the future. But is AI fixing the right problem?

When you hear “I need to buy a shirt” did you picture a man or a women? When you hear “I need a new outfit” did you picture a man or a woman? Women don’t item shop the way men do. I’m talking in general here, please don’t hit the outrage button. 

Men shop differently than women do and online shopping is designed for the way men shop. Will AI be designed for the way men shop or the way women shop? Both is the obvious and easy answer, women shoppers will get shown things that women buy, men will get show things that men buy. Which is how the web treats women shoppers—item shoppers who buy different items. But they aren’t. Women who like to shop don’t item shop unless they have a specific need. It’s often what starts a longer shopping experience. Women shop because they like to shop. They like comparing and considering. They like to spend time looking at things they know they probably won’t buy. Data bears this out, women shop significantly more than men. 85% of all online purchases are made by women.

Think about the term “retail therapy” do you picture a man or a woman? What if the whole concept of online shopping needs to be rethought? The vast majority of all online purchases are made by women, and yet the web is designed for the way men shop. That’s the result of gender bias created by the lack of women in tech. #womenintech #diversity #genderbias

What if you could have add a shopping experience to your website that gives women the experience they value without replatforming and without changing the experience for men? What if you could do it without replatforming? What if it was easy? What if it was inexpensive. What if it increased engagement, increased return visits, and increased sales? Check out this one minute video that shows that it’s possible, easy and super fun to shop with. #Stylaquin