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Stylaquin makes browsing up to 4X faster, so customers have time to see more products and find items that interest them. Stylaquin users view over 70% more items than non-Stylaquin users. You can choose which collections Stylaquin appears on, or add it to your entire site.

Image showing computer with the Stylaquin Look Book feature in operation open.

Stylaquin’s Idea board lets customers add all the items they are interested in, change colors, change sizes, and move items around to see how they work together. Customers who use Stylaquin when they shop have a 3.5% higher conversion rate, and return 28% more often than non-Stylaquin users.

Works seamlessly on mobile

Stylaquin is just as effective on the mobile experience. The Look Book makes browsing easier and the Idea Board makes keeping track of items a snap.

Stylaquin works on mobile

What our customers have said

This is a no-brainer upgrade! It’s easy to get set up, and they provide great support. The Lookbook pages are simply breathtaking! Do your shop a favor and add this!

Great app, works out fine, was very easy to set up and looks great on my store, convenient, surly recommended.

WOW just WOW, wasn't expecting this but this works really good, support replies fast, highly recommended!!

We love Stylaquin! There was no work on our end, and sales really went up. It could not have been easier.

Unique and Innovative

Cover of the Stylaquin brochure showing four women shopping online. Copy says "Engage and delight shoppers so they stay longer, view more items, and return more often!"

Want to learn more about how Stylaquin can help you delight and engage shoppers so they spend 70% more time on site, view 185% more products, return more often, and buy more when they do?