Stylaquin is a revolutionary e-commerce add-on that combines the beauty and engagement of catalogs and magazines, with tools that make shopping easier and more fun.


Stylaquin transforms your website by taking its existing images and beautifully displaying them in a full page layout. Your customers can flip through your website like they flip through a catalog or magazine. Stylaquin adds excitement and visual interest without any additional work for you. You can also choose different templates for individual products to change things up. And if you want to take it to the next level, you can design custom pages for any item, using Photoshop or InDesign. Learn More about the Look Book or Watch the Stylaquin Video.

Stylaquin’s styling board lets your customers select all the items they are interested in, edit their choices, and move items around to see how they work together. It gives them a running total of what’s on their styling board as well as a total of the items they have chosen to add to the cart. When customers check out, Stylaquin sends their selections to your site’s shopping cart. Learn More about the Styling Board or Watch the Stylaquin Video.


Stylaquin is so unique it has patent pending status. It reimagines the shopping experience in a way the enhances current e-commerce sites without re-engineering. 



Push back against Amazon. Create a new and engaging customer experience that shoppers can’t get anywhere else. Are you ready to make your website more engaging, more fun and more innovative? 


Because Stylaquing is still in beta there is no cost for trying it.

If you are on the Shopify Platform we can have you up and running in a jiffy. We’ll be adding new platforms as we go.