Give women the shopping experience they want


Websites are designed for the way men like to shop—fast and efficient. But 85% of all online purchases are made by women, and women shop differently. 


Features women love!

The Look Book lets you flip through a website like you flip through a magazine.

Stylaquin makes browsing up to 4X faster, so customers have time to see more products and find items that interest them.

Stylaquin’s Idea board lets customers add all the items they are interested in, change colors, change sizes, and move items around to see how they work together.

Works seamlessly on mobile

Stylaquin is just as effective on the mobile experience. The Look Book makes browsing easier and the Idea Board makes keeping track of items a snap.

Stylaquin works on mobile

Results from Queen of Hearts

Our first site, Queen of Hearts, increased sales by 387% in the first 10 months with Stylaquin. The conversion rate went up by 61% and online store sessions increased 152%.

We love Stylaquin! There was no work on our end, and sales really went up. It could not have been easier.

Karen Beebe, Owner Queen of Hearts

Unique and Innovative

Stylaquin is so unique it is patented. It reimagines the shopping experience in a way the enhances current e-commerce sites without re-engineering or changing platforms. 

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