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Increase sales

Stylaquin makes the shopping experience up to 4X faster so customers see more products and find items that interest them. Customers flip through a site like they flip through a catalog or magazine rather then clicking in and clicking out, clicking in, and clicking out.

Increase Time on Site

Stylaquin makes shopping online more fun and engaging. Customers spend more time on your site because they are having a better experience. They can see all the items they’re interested in on their Idea Board, change colors and sizes even move things around. 

Increase Conversions

Customers are more likely to buy when they feel confident about their purchase decision. Stylaquin’s Idea Board makes it fun and easy to put together outfits or find the prefect gifts before adding them to the cart.  

Girls Crush It Playbook


Women customers are the key to crushing it online.

Learn what they value and how to leverage it in the Girl Crush It Playbook.