Look Book

Stylaquin’s Look Book feature transforms browsing into a more intuitive and visually exciting experience. You can use the built in templates to get your whole site up and running in minutes, or design custom pages for any item with InDesign or Photoshop to get get exactly the look you want. Imagine a beautifully designed page, one that sells hard rather than just displaying, for all your top products. You can do that with Stylaquin. Customers who use Stylaquin view 72% more products than customers who don’t use Stylaquin.¬†

Animated gif showing the Stylaquin Look Book being activated

Idea Board

Stylaquin’s Styling Board gives customers a place to experiment, see all the items they’re interested in, move them around, change colors and then choose which items to add to their cart for checkout. It make shopping more fun and engaging! Stylaquin users¬†convert 3.5% higher, and have an AOV that is 8% higher than customers who don’t use Stylaquin.