Frequently Asked Questions

The animated walk-through only shows up the first time you visit a Stylaquin enabled site. To see her again use a private or incognito browser window. 

If you are currently on Shoppify the answer is yes, we can easily add Stylaquin to your site. If you are on another platform or have a home grown site just give us a call or shoot us an email. Stylaquin works on just about any platform with API access. 

Absolutely! Adding images will make any site more visually interesting so don’t hold back, but the Stylaquin templates work with the images you have to create beautiful Look Book pages without any additional work.

One of the most powerful tools in Stylaquin is being able to design Look Book pages with any design program. We will provide you with templates for InDesign, and size specifications  if you want to use another program, to get you up and running. 

Yes. If an item is low on stock it will show how many are left. If an item is out of stock there is a message and customers can not add it to their cart.

That feature is in the works! There will be a sign in feature that allows customers to see their Idea Board from any device they shop from.

No, as long as the Stylaquin cookie is still there the Idea Board will save all of their choices. We are working on a login feature that will allow customers to save and share their idea boards across multiple devices. How fun will that be?

Is Stylaquin part of my website, or separate?
Much like Google Analytics, Stylaquin does not live on your website. Like Google Analytics, Stylaquin uses javascript code inserted on your website to send information to Stylaquin. That javascript code also allows Stylaquin to interact with your website in realtime. The site API keys that you registered with Stylaquin allow Stylaquin’s servers to display your product selection and inventory in the Look Book and the Idea Board.