Choose the right plan for your Shopify store

Whether you are a small Mom and Pop shop, or a large company, Stylaquin has a plan to fit your budget. Choosing the right plan is easy, just select the plan that matches your total monthly sales. As your company grows, move up to a larger plan so that you save on usage fees. Stylaquin only charges usage fees when customers make a stylaquin assisted purchase, that means you only pay for success!

Stylaquin is a Shopify Approved App and is available in the Shopify Marketplace

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Best for stores up to $30,000 in total monthly online sales

$0 /month + 2% usage fee on Stylaquin assisted sales*


Best for stores with $30,000 –
$100,000 in total monthly online sales

$50/month + 1.5% usage fee on Stylaquin assisted sales*


Best for stores with more than
$100,000 in total monthly online sales

$150 /month + 1% usage fee on Stylaquin assisted sales*

*Usage Fees on Stylaquin assisted sales

Usage fees are based on Stylaquin-assisted sales, where a customer actively uses Stylaquin when they shop, and also makes a purchase. Your customers will enjoy all the benefits and engagement that Stylaquin provides, but you will only be charged a usage fee if they make a purchase. That’s how we guarantee that you only pay for success!

Your monthly usage fees are limited to a set dollar usage cap. You will not be charged more than the usage cap you set without your prior approval. The default is $50/month for the Essential Plan and $500/month for the Growth Plan. You can change your usage cap at any time in the Stylaquin Settings panel.

For stores with more than $100,000 in monthly online sales please contact Stylaquin Sales.

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