Online shopping kind of sucks.

I’ve spent the last 30 years with a laser focus on how women shop and what we have now isn’t cutting it for women.

The web was designed by engineers and coders who value speed and efficiency. They did a brilliant job, it is fast and efficient, but if you actually like shopping, if you want a journey, and beauty, and a fluid shopping experience, it still kind of sucks.

Women make 85% of all online purchases and they shop differently than men. Why isn’t online shopping geared for them?

It can be! On the train, coming back from a NEMOA conference, I had a moment of creative clarity and after four years of work, a patent and teaming up with an MIT Ph.D., I have a way to make online shopping fun and engaging, without changing the website. It’s kind of magical. Here’s a 1-minute video that explains it. Let me know what you think! It’s currently in beta, our first tester is up over 400% and the return customer rate is over 30%. Here’s Stylaquin in action.