Fast or Fun?

The future performance of your website will depend on how you answer this question: When customers come to your website do they want to buy something they already know exists or do they want to shop for fun? Think about that for a minute. Do they come to your site to buy or to shop? E-commerce began as a way for catalogs to save money on having phone reps take orders. Remember “Order online anytime 24/7”? Online shopping was designed to be a fast and efficient way to buy, not an engaging and fun way to shop. Do you want your customers to get in and out fast or do you want them to have a fabulous shopping experience? Stylaquin lets customers have both experiences on the same website with a few lines of code and API access. It’s kind of magic. Watch this 1-minute video to see how it works. #ecommercehashtag#onlinemarketinghashtag#shopping