Is your site fun and sticky, or clicky and icky? Here's how to fix it.

Websites are not designed for browsing. Clicky and icky pretty well sums it up. Think about how many clicks it takes to view one item with four images on the average site. One to get to the image, three more to work through the images, and one more to get back to the thumbnails of the other items. That’s five clicks. What if you could do it in one swipe to the right, and you could see all the images together? How much time would that save? It would be 4X faster. Your customers could see 4X more items in the same amount of time and instead of clicking in, and clicking out, it would be one fluid swipe. You can do that now with Stylaquin. Here’s a link to the 2-minute video that explains it.

Things are crazy right now. Retailers are struggling and the only thing certain is that we will all have to change and adapt. 

We will get through this together! If you want to learn more about how women shop and why they’re the key to increasing sales on your site, download the Girls Crush It! playbook.