Unseen lessons from a chair

Chairs are mostly perfect right? We don’t think about them much as we sit down. Comfortable, uncomfortable, but mostly they’re all the same height. The next time you are at a public seating area, (I know there’s a pandemic but it will happen eventually), look at how men and women sit. Most men sit with feet flat because chairs are designed for someone 5’9″ height. Most women sit a little forward and just their toes touch the ground. It isn’t as comfortable, but women are used to it, so they don’t notice anymore and besides, they don’t have other options.

Chairs can teach us a lot about e-commerce too. The web is designed for the people who built it—mostly men. Men buy, women shop. And so the web is designed to make buying easy, but it isn’t designed for shopping. We’re so used to it that we don’t even notice. Women have learned to adapt and keep multiple tabs open when they shop because, even though they do the most purchasing, they don’t have the tools they need to shop the way they want to.

Is this a big deal? It depends on if you are a man or a woman. Like all life experiences, our perspective is altered by how we see the world and how our unique personal attributes frame and contribute to that experience. We all adapt, and after a while, we don’t really notice the accommodation. But when we have a choice of experiences, we will choose the one that fits us best. That’s why we all have a favorite chair. That’s why creating an online shopping experience that caters to women will make more women shop with you. Because it’s better, because it’s more comfortable, because we all have favorites.

If you’d like to see what an online shopping experience that is designed for women would look like check out the Stylaquin demo site or visit Stylaquin.com. Once you see it, you’ll understand how big the opportunity is to make online shopping work for women.