How to Use Internal Links to Improve SEO in Shopify

One of the most underused weapons in the SEO arsenal is linking. Google is trying to serve up the best results to any search and to do that it needs to determine what things are important and what things aren’t. You may have a better, prettier, or more socially beneficial product, but Google won’t know any of that unless you tell it. When a customer types “Cashmere Sweater” into Google there may be 140,765 cashmere sweaters to choose from, so Google has to narrow down the search to find the top answers that will please their primary customer, the person searching. Links are Google’s window to what matters.

Internal links aren’t ranked as highly as external links, but they are easy and they add up. Remember you are trying to get a nose up on your competition, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be relevant. 

Let’s say you sell clothing, you can create a page for different manufacturers and link items they sell to that page. You can create a page about the different fabrics in the clothing you sell. This can be especially effective if they have unique properties like performance fabrics. Pure fibers also have a story to tell, linen, cotton, organic, carbon-neutral, bee-friendly—be creative and use Google if you get stuck.

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