Want more business? Find your perfect customer

Finding your perfect customer starts with getting to know your current customers. Marketers use personas to make visualizing and sharing who that customer is. 

Your customer personas should reflect who your customers are, so first, you’ll need some data to work with. Shopify doesn’t provide much customer information but Google does. (If you have not set up your site with Google, do that right now. It takes very little time and is easy to integrate with Shopify, here’s a link to instructions.) 

Once you get Google set up with Shopify, you’ll need to let it collect enough data to see trends and create segments.  While the data is coming in, consider taking Google’s free course on Google Analytics so you know your way around the dashboard.  

There is an abundance of information on Google, but not all of it matters to every company. Here are some of the basic things you’ll want to know.



Cheap vs chic


Geographic location

Marital/Couple status




It’s all about creating segments

There are thousands of customers shopping your store every day, you can’t possibly know them all, so if you want to market to them effectively, you’ll need to break them into groups (aka segments). When you review your customer data with Google Analytics you should see natural groupings. These groupings are what you’ll use to create segments of your customers.

If you would like to learn more about creating personas, download The Smart Shopify Persona Builder. It will help you understand what personas are, how to create them, and finally how to use that information when you are marketing to them. We have also included a Persona Builder worksheet to make the process easier.