5 Ways to Increasing Shopify Sales

1) Get your site to stand out and be memorable.

Stylaquin is an engagement engine that adds the tools and experience power-shoppers love. It creates Look Book pages for each product using our algorithm. Instead of clicking through each image one by one, customers see a full page of product images. If they like something, they can save it on their Idea Board. They can collect and curate all the items they like and see them all together, change colors and sizes till they get exactly what they want. Stylaquin increases time on site by over 70%, increases items viewed by over 100% and has a 3.5% higher conversion rate when shoppers use it. Now available in the Shopify App Store.

2) Capture your visitors emails so you can market to them.

It’s easy to set up an opt-in form in Shopify has several to choose from in their marketplace. Typically they appear when a visitor lands on the site. Don’t make them annoying or disruptive, and never put them on the checkout page since they can disrupt the purchase that is in the works. You’d rather have a sale today than a email for later, right?

This easy to understand, eight page guide, will teach you how Google sees your website (hint: It’s not the way you do) and how to leverage that for more traffic and more sales. Download your copy today!

3) Develop an editorial calendar

Once you have some emails to get going, develop an editorial calendar and send them relevant and interesting emails. Resist the urge to just relentlessly offer discounts. Most small stores don’t have a wide enough selection to make targeted discounts work and if customers would buy it without a discount, you are giving out free money. Think about what you are selling and why it’s interesting and talk about that. Offer coupons and discounts from time to time especially on days like cyber-Monday and Black Friday.

4) Set up a push campaign for abandoned carts.

Many sites have abandoned cart rates of over 75%—yikes! One of the easiest ways to get customers to come back is to send them a push notification. Think of it as a gentle reminder that they left something in their cart and it is still there waiting for them. Be careful of offering discounts. While a discount may get the ball rolling it also teaches customers that they will get a deal if they don’t make a purchase right away. Shopify’s marketplace has several plugins that will make adding a push campaign easy.

5) Integrate with Facebook and Instagram

If you already have a good following on Facebook and Instagram, why not magnify their impact by connecting them to your Shopify site? Here’s a link to Shopify’s guide to integrating Facebook and Instagram with your site. [https://www.shopify.com/facebook-instagram]