Adding a visual Nudge to boost sales

The trick most marketers use to nudge shoppers into customers is to remind them buy, the classic CTA or Call To Action. It has awesome power and should be part of everyone’s marketing bag of tricks. But what about visual cues? Can you get more customers to buy with a visual cue? YES! Below is short clip of a Stylaquin Look Book page that shows a wrapped gift in the layout. It instantly telegraphs that the watch and gift go together. Since a high-end watch, like the one shown, is frequently gifted, adding the visual cue is both a subtle reminder that it can be a gift and it validates the shopper who was considering it as a gift. 

Look at your web pages and see if you can add visual elements that support your target customers expectations, aspirations, and remind them that owning the product will make them [happy, pretty, manly, special, important, etc.] 

With design, the visuals that support the product’s positioning, can be just the right nudge that turns shoppers into customers.

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