Online sales disappointing? Try targeting power-shoppers.

Who are power-shoppers?

They are the online shopping elite, the folks who love shopping and enjoy shopping online. But how can you get them to stop by and stay on your site?
By and large, power-shoppers are mostly women, though depending on your product selection they could be mostly men. What sets them apart is that they love to shop. It’s really that simple. They like finding new things and they shop for entertainment. They are the ones who always have the perfect gift and who others go to for recommendations.

Animated gif showing a laptop that displays Stylaquin's Look Book Feature

Does Your Site Do This?

It can with Stylaquin! Stylaquin is the easy to add Shopify app that transforms your website. Stylaquin makes shopping faster, more engaging, and more fun. Stylaquin shoppers stay longer, view over 85% more products, come back more often, and buy more when they do. Find us in the Shopify App Store.

How do you get them to your site?

Power-shoppers find new sites lots of ways, it’s their hobby, so they are always looking for new places to shop. Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, magazine articles, friends and of course Google are all ways to get noticed. Post products and pictures that feature your best sellers, new and unique products. Don’t over-think it, just keep the feed full of what you sell. Ask customers to send pictures of themselves with your product and post them. Ask customers what their favorites are, start a conversation. Power-shoppers want to be entertained and engaged.

Make your site more fun and engaging

Google is a tough nut to crack if you don’t want to pay for ads. It’s helpful to remember who Google’s customer is. Google’s customer is the person searching, not the company who buys ads. If Google doesn’t serve up great search results, customers will head over to other search engines. Google uses several metrics to select which sites to serve up below their paid ads, but the most important is engagement. The best way for them to determine if any site is going to please the searcher, is whether other searchers bounce, or do they shop and engage with the site?
The easiest way to get Google’s attention is to add Stylaquin to your Shopify site. Power-shoppers who use Stylaquin when they shop spend 70% more time on site, view over 100% more items and have a 3.5% higher conversion rate. They also return more often and buy more when they do. Google sees the increase in engagement and rewards the site with more customers—no additional ad spend needed. If you’d like to learn more about SEO download the [Smart Shopify SEO Builder]