Let’s talk about “what if?”

Building a business is hard, even with great tools like Shopify. Starting out with nothing but an idea and then working through all the questions, and the million, million decisions that it takes to even open the door. Then the grind to get customers, until you finally build your store into something that can survive. It’s alternately brutal, and inspiring, and draining, and energizing, and so many things when you look back at the scope of what you’ve accomplished. My guess is that your journey started with “What if __________?” I bet a thought came into your head and your heart. “What if I______?” We all have it, that little spark, that seed of an idea, that starts with the simplest of questions. What if?

My journey started with “What if online shopping was designed for the way women shop?” Turns out that wasn’t the right question, because it wasn’t just women who were being underserved by the current online shopping architecture. The better question would have been “What if online shopping was designed for people who love to shop?” That question took years and two patents to answer. It led to other questions. What if you could flip through a site the way you flip through a magazine? What if the pages were magically created on the fly from existing images? What if it made everything more beautiful? What if you could see all the things that interested you in one place? And most recently, what if it were a Shopify App? One good “What if?” leads to another.

“What if?” is a crazy powerful question. What if you asked yourself that question every day? What if you focused on your business and asked “What if?” Where would that take you?

What if it was someplace wonderful? 

If you’d like to see where my journey took me, check out Stylaquin in the Shopify App Store. Perhaps it will inspire you to take a “What if?” journey of your own.

All the best,

Sarah Fletcher
Stylaquin founder

Animated gif showing a laptop that displays Stylaquin's Look Book Feature

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