There is a Shopify App that will Increase sales!

Are you a Shopify website owner with great products but not enough site traffic and sales? Are you frustrated and confused about how to get more traffic and increase conversions?
Would you like your site to show a growth curve that even vaguely resembles a hockey stick? Before you say it’s impossible, or too much work, or crazy expensive, take a look at the results from three years of beta testing Stylaquin on a small gift and clothing site. The pink indicates when Stylaquin was active on the site.

Graph showing the change in total sales during beta testing

For two years before the site started beta testing, their sales and conversion rate was flat and not showing even the slightest sign of traction. The owner did her research and learned that content was king so she hired a blogger, but nothing much changed. She tried a loyalty program, and still nothing. Then the store joined the first Stylaquin beta program. In the first few months things started heading up, and up, and by the end of the first year, sales had increased a whopping 486%. That was just the beginning. Click here to see the data from three years of testing, or check out the 2-minute video below that shows how Stylaquin is re-imagining the online shopping experience.

If you’ve tried other apps that didn’t deliver, it’s probably hard to imagine another app will really move the needle, but Stylaquin is different. Most apps that say they increase sales don’t really get you past the problem of Google’s algorithm. Some are gimmicky, and most are covering things you’ve already done. Of course, Stylaquin isn’t a magic bullet, it does take time to work and the results build over time. That’s why we offer a month free, so you can experience the increases in time on site, items viewed, and return customer visits for yourself.

Stop trying to discount your way to success, and start delighting the shoppers who love to shop. Discount shoppers who just want everything for 50% off with free shipping should not be who you focus on. They are fickle and kill your ROI. Stylaquin helps you focus on power-shoppers, the folks who love to shop. They are more brand loyal, more likely to buy, and more likely to come back and buy more when they do. Power-shoppers are looking for a great online shopping experience, something engaging and fun. That’s exactly what Stylaquin gives them, a beautiful, unique and engaging online shopping experience. Give Stylaquin a try! It’s available in the Shopify App Store.