There are 3 kinds of shoppers, can you make them all happy?

There are really only three types of shoppers who visit websites. Just three, the rest are bots and criminals—sigh. Let’s take a look at how each of them interacts with your Shopify website so you can make sure they all get the shopping experience that works for the way they like to shop.

The Buyer

Shoppers who know what they want, and aren’t looking for anything else, want great navigation and tools to help them get in and out fast. You can, and should, try to expose them to best sellers while they are on the site and of course try to get an email if possible, but these customers are on a mission and they don’t want you to get in their way.

How to make them Happy:

  • Make sure you have subcategories and attributes so shoppers can narrow their search quickly.
  • Make sure they can avoid distractions so you don’t slow them down.

The Casual Shopper

Shoppers who are looking for something, but who are open to exploring, also need good nav, but they are more responsive to bestsellers and new and interesting items. If you can keep them engaged and entertained, they will stay and poke around.

How to make them Happy:

  • Make sure your bestsellers and compelling new items are shown on the home page. Best sellers are the products most likely to spark their attention. They are best sellers for a reason.
  • There are Shopify Apps that can make recommendations using AI, but don’t the recommendations get in the way of their shopping experience.
Animated gif showing a laptop that displays Stylaquin's Look Book Feature

Does Your Site Do This?

It can with Stylaquin! Stylaquin is the easy to add Shopify app that transforms your website. Stylaquin makes shopping faster, more engaging, and more fun. Stylaquin shoppers stay longer, view over 85% more products, come back more often, and buy more when they do. Find us in the Shopify App Store.

The Power-shopper

Shoppers who really enjoy shopping are power-shoppers, and they are the best customers to get. Power-shoppers love to shop and are often a resource for their friends who don’t love to shop. Need a gift? Ask your favorite power-shopper where to look. Not sure where the best deals, or cool gadgets are—ask a power-shopper.

How to make them Happy:

Engaging and delighting power-shoppers is what Stylaquin excels at. Stylaquin transforms the shopping experience into one that is faster, more beautiful more engaging. Stylaquin adds a thin bar to the right side of the browser window which acts as a portal to two features. The Look Book feature, which creates full page spreads of each product, so shoppers can flip through the site like they flip through a magazine or catalog. Shoppers who use Stylaquin typically view 185% more products, stay on site 70% longer. The second Stylaquin feature is the Idea Board where shoppers can collect and curate all the things that interest them. They can change sizes and colors, and move things around till they have exactly what they want. When they are ready to checkout, Stylaquin moves them to the Shopify checkout.

The items left on the idea board will remain on there till the cookie expires. Stylaquin shoppers return 25% more often and buy when they do because they can see all the things they liked and pick up where they left off.
If you’d like to learn more about Stylaquin visit the Shopify App Store. or watch the video below!