3 technology innovations that can Increase Shopify Sales

Are you a Shopify site that wants to increase sales and engagement? Are you looking for Shopify Apps that would be helpful to your customers and not blow through your marketing budget. Here are three to consider.

1) Stylaquin
Stylaquin is the newest of the three, and it is designed to delight and engage power-shoppers. Stylaquin adds a bar to the side of any Shopify website that acts as a portal to both a Look Book feature and an Idea board. It creates a completely new way to experience a website, without re-engineering or re-platforming. The Look Book takes the existing images from a Shopify site and instantly creates a full page layout of images. This lets shoppers flip through your site like they flip through a magazine, which is faster and increases items viewed by over 185%. When shoppers find items they’re interested in, they can add them to the Idea Board where they can change sizes, quantities, and colors as well as move items around to see how they look together. When customers are ready to buy the items they select are ready and waiting in the store’s Shopify checkout. Stylaquin enabled sites have seen time-on-site increase by 70% and conversion rates increase by 3.5%. Currently available in the Shopify App Store.

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2) FindMine
Findmine works as a upsell engine that drives 3-7% additional revenue. It uses AI to suggest items that go well with what customers are looking at. It adds a suggestion bar to the bottom of each page that displays additional items. There is also integration with a direct-mail programs that works in tandem with an abandoned cart program, and FindMine can be integrated into the in-store experience as well. They offer merchant intelligence features that provide onsite into customer purchasing patterns. Currently available in the Shopify App Store.

3) Storeya
Storeya has several products but the most innovative is the Traffic Booster. It uses a proprietary algorithm and AI to fine-tune Google Ads so that ramp-up time to finding what works and what doesn’t is decreased. It has a dashboard that lets you see which leads are driving customers to your site and lets you expand your spend when you find the sweet spot. They are an official Google Ads reseller and have increased the effectiveness of google ad spend by over 8X for several clients. If you’re struggling to get a decent ROI from your google ad budget check Storeya out. Currently available in the Shopify App Store.