This time of year it's easy to focus on the hussle and not the gratitude

Nose to the grindstone. Peddle to the metal. Go. Go. GO! 

This time of year it’s especially important to slow it down, take a breath and appreciate what we have. 

I am grateful for my family. They are my best friends, my most vocal cheerleaders, and my rock solid support. 

I am grateful for my friends. There are the many, who help when they can, share thoughts, opinions, and really great advice. You guys rock, and I’m here if you need the many favors returned. There are also the few, who know they can call at 3:00 in the morning and I will get on a plane or grab a shovel, flashlight and dark trash bags without pause. Love you.

I am grateful for the country I live in. I don’t always agree, but I participate, and try to hold myself to the same high standards I expect of those in charge. 

I am grateful that I can do something as crazy and interesting as trying to change the way people shop online. Even though Stylaquin was designed for the way women shop, it turns out that having a more beautiful, engaging and memorable shopping experience is just another thing men and women have in common. Thank you to the men who set me straight. Each step in the journey has made me more aware of the complexities of online shopping and the web, and convinced me that creating a better user experience is more powerful than chat bots and AI.

I could go on, but I want to finish here by saying how grateful I am for the community of founders, entrepreneurs,  Shopify store owners, Shopify developers and all the other people as crazy as I am, working and growing in the online space. You guy are SO interesting and a blast to be around. 

I’m going to sign off and show my dog that I am grateful he chooses to hang out with me, even though I don’t give him all the attention he deserves, or all the belly rubs he asks for.

Thank you!

Enjoy your holiday

P.S. Below is an experiment I did a few months back to see if I could get AI to create an image of a turkey on a platter in the style of a woodcut illustration. Count the legs and notice which way the joints bend. Apparently AI has much to learn about turkey anatomy. We won’t even discuss the whole woodcut style thing.

Four AI generated images of a turkey on a platter done in a woodcut style. All are malformed in some way. Some with too many legs and the joints moving in the wrong direction.