5 reasons women shoppers don’t come back and how to turn them around

5 Reasons Women Shoppers Don't Come Back and How to Turn Them Around

1 – She didn’t find what she was looking for

If you don’t sell what she was looking for, say you do sell shoes but she was looking for horseshoes, then no harm no foul. If you do sell what she was looking for and she didn’t find it, then there’s a fix. Start with navigation. Does it clearly show the categories of products you offer? Remember that men and women shop differently. Using clothing as an example: Women are often not looking for a blue shirt, they’re looking for a romantic weekend boho shirt, or a high neck shirt to go with a pinstripe suit. If she is looking for an outfit and isn’t sure what she wants, are you helping her select. You may have a tab for tops and blouses, but would it help her if you added one for workwear or weekend fun? Does your website encourage exploring? If you want to make your site more engaging and fun to explore, consider adding Stylaquin to your site.

2 – She didn’t like the products offered

Your marketing team is trying to get as many eyeballs on your site as possible, they won’t all be a perfect fit for your brand. This is also where getting your best sellers front and center can help. They’re best sellers for a reason, show them off. Another thing to consider is site speed and how many products the average customer looks at. Making it faster and easier to shop will help her see something that sparks interest. Is your site fast and fun to shop? Yup, Stylaquin makes websites faster and more fun to shop.

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3 – She didn’t like the prices offered



I’m going to say something that may surprise you but, price is actually meaningless because the customer determines value. If a very chic person visits your site and it offers discounts and shouts low prices, then even though the prices are low she probably won’t buy. If a price-conscious customer comes to your site and it looks very high-end she probably won’t buy. If you have a very high-end site make sure your images are high quality, keep copy to a minimum and never make the prices end with .99. High-end shoppers want to spend money, let them. If your site caters to bargain hunters, then shout out prices, make every price end in .99 and look at things like countdown clocks for savings, sale items, and secret savings offers. Customers will self select fairly quickly, so focus on your home page and make sure it will connect with your target customer.



4 – She didn’t see herself reflected in the site



If you’re selling a niche category, like hunting, golf, or sporting goods, for instance, make sure that it doesn’t look like a boys club. Women make 87% of all online purchases. Are women featured on the home page? Do you have content designed for women? Take a look at your site with fresh eyes. Often things shift over time and if your design team is using manufacturer’s images your site may not reflect that it has products for women.



5 – She didn’t have fun shopping



This is where Stylaquin can really help. online shopping was designed by men for the way men shop, but women shop differently. Stylaquin makes a website more fun to shop because she can flip through it like she flips through a magazine or catalog. Shoppers view more products in less time, so they see more things they like. Stylaquin also adds an Idea Board so she can see all the things she is interested in together and then change colors, sizes and even move them around before checking out. Stylaquin can increase customer engagement by over 40% and increase sales by over 300%. Download our guide called “Keep ’em coming back for more!” to learn how Stylaquin can help you increase customer engagement.