What is the best free Shopify theme?

How to choose the best free theme for your Shopify site Shopify 2.0 themes Before you get started looking at themes, you should know that Shopify has introduced a new theme structure that makes many things behind the scenes more streamlined and consistent. They call these themes 2.0 themes. While you can still buy themes   →

Why is organic traffic important for Shopify?

What drives Organic traffic on Shopify Shopify is a great platform for building your store, but just being on Shopify doesn’t mean you will get any organic traffic. Organic traffic comes from search engines and is why you hear so much about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and its benefits. Creating content and a user experience   →

Targeting power-shoppers.

Online sales disappointing? Try targeting power-shoppers. Who are power-shoppers? They are the online shopping elite, the folks who love shopping and enjoy shopping online. But how can you get them to stop by and stay on your site? By and large, power-shoppers are mostly women, though depending on your product selection they could be mostly   →

Shopify and Stylaquin become out of sync with what is in a customer’s cart

Shopify and Stylaquin become out of sync with what’s in a customer’s cart Stylaquin integrates with many Shopify themes and Shopify apps, but it is possible you are running into an incompatibility between your theme or app and Stylaquin. Please contact the Stylaquin team and we’ll be happy to help.  Click to email Stylaquin Support

The Stylaquin Bar doesn’t show

The Stylaquin Bar Doesn’t show The Stylaquin bar isn’t showing up on your storeIf the Stylaquin bar isn’t visible on your store after you have installed the Stylaquin app and have chosen a pricing plan, it is likely one of four reasons: You have enabled Stylaquin for “No one” on the Settings tab.  You need   →

Becoming a Shopify App

Becoming a Shopify App Our journey began with an idea, followed by a patent, followed by a sh*t ton of work. The initial plan was to sell Stylaquin to large companies, where we would integrate with each individually. Good plan, bad timing. Before the pandemic hit, we were just coming out of beta and the   →

Looking for Shopify Apps that increase sales?

Looking for Shopify Apps that increase sales? Are you looking at Shopify apps to help solve the problem of too few customers? Most apps try to solve this by adding popups, sales channels, affiliates, or just adding re-marketing where ads chase your customers to other sites. There are a lot to choose from and it   →

Adding a visual Nudge to boost sales

Adding a visual Nudge to boost sales The trick most marketers use to nudge shoppers into customers is to remind them buy, the classic CTA or Call To Action. It has awesome power and should be part of everyone’s marketing bag of tricks. But what about visual cues? Can you get more customers to buy   →

5 Ways to Increase Your Shopify Sales

5 Ways to Increasing Shopify Sales 1) Get your site to stand out and be memorable. If you’re using one of the free Shopify templates, there will be a Stylaquin enabled version of: Boundless Simple Debut Minimal Supply Dawn Venture. Stylaquin is an engagement engine that adds the tools and experience power-shoppers love. It creates   →

How to get customers to come back

5 simple truths about getting more customers back to your Shopify website Marketers often talk about the Sales Funnel. New customers go in the top and lost customers come out the bottom. The more customers who stay in the funnel, the better your overall sales will be since return customers typically buy more and more   →