Is your site fun and sticky, or clicky and icky? Here’s how to fix it and a $500 coupon to get you started.

Websites are not designed for browsing. Clicky and icky pretty well sums it up. Think about how many clicks it takes to view one item with four images on the average site. One to get to the image, three more to work through the images, and one more to get back to the thumbnails of the other items. That’s five clicks. What if you could do it in one swipe to the right, and you could see all the images together? How much time would that save? It would be 4X faster. Your customers could see 4X more items in the same amount of time and instead of clicking in, and clicking out, it would be one fluid swipe. You can do that now with Stylaquin. Here’s a link to the 2-minute video that explains it.

Things are crazy right now. Retailers are struggling and the only thing certain is that we will all have to change and adapt. If you’re an innovator who likes to try new things we want to make it as easy as possible for you to add Stylaquin to your site. This Spring we are offering 50% off the install pricing for any Shopify site. Just let us know you saw this offer and you’ll save $500.

We will get through this together! If you want to learn more about how women shop and why they’re the key to increasing sales on your site, download the Girl Crush It! playbook.

How to get through a rough patch

I don’t normally share my personal life, but my personal life has taught me how to get through the rough patches so I decided to open up a bit. I grew up in a deeply dysfunctional home. Both my parents were alcoholics and when I thought things couldn’t get worse, my father died. I slept for a few days, cried till I was dry, then I got back up. I am grateful for all the people who helped me get back up. There were times I thought it would be easier to just stay down, but I got back up. It made me stronger.
I thought when I got to college things would smooth out. I came back from the library one day my freshman year to find I had gotten three calls while I was out, one letting me know that my friend Lisa had died, the second that Chrissy, the young boy I had babysat for years, had died, and the third that my cousin had been arrested for armed robbery and was going to jail. I hit the floor for a while, then I got back up. I’m grateful for all the friends who were there for me while I got back up, it wasn’t as difficult as the first time, but it was still hard.
Three years ago I invented a new way to shop online that can be added to any website and I thought wow, this is going to be amazing. I filed for a patent, partnered with David Sturman, an MIT Media Lab alum, and built Stylaquin. The numbers from our first site were off the charts, triple digits, crazy good, so I shifted from focusing on my catalog design business to focusing on Stylaquin. Then we got word that we’d been granted a patent. Whoop Whoop! Software patents are incredibly hard to get, you have to have something really new and unique. I was dancing around the office. I took the family out for a celebratory dinner that night and the very next day I got the call that I had stage 2 breast cancer. Talk about a buzzkill. Having gotten up a few times already, it was almost easy this time. My sister and I had so much fun on a visit to Dana Farber that we agreed it was “The best cancer ever!” Practice really does make perfect.
Covid-19 is bad. It’s a threat to our families, it’s a threat to our businesses and it’s a threat to our health. Every morning I break isolation to get radiation treatment, which lowers my immune system. I’m vulnerable in a way I have never been before and I am so very grateful for the staff who are working to help me get back up rather than sheltering in place with their families. Life has taught me that we are all vulnerable, we are all going to fall down, but if we get back up, we will be stronger. When you find yourself on the floor, look around with gratitude at all the people who are working to help you get back up. Then get back up.

5 reasons women shoppers don’t come back and how to turn them around

1 – She didn’t find what she was looking for

If you don’t sell what she was looking for, say you do sell shoes but she was looking for horseshoes, then no harm no foul. If you do sell what she was looking for and she didn’t find it, then there’s a fix. Start with navigation. Does it clearly show the categories of products you offer? Remember that men and women shop differently. Using clothing as an example: Women are often not looking for a blue shirt, they’re looking for a romantic weekend boho shirt, or a high neck shirt to go with a pinstripe suit. If she is looking for an outfit and isn’t sure what she wants, are you helping her select. You may have a tab for tops and blouses, but would it help her if you added one for workwear or weekend fun? Does your website encourage exploring? If you want to make your site more engaging and fun to explore, consider adding Stylaquin to your site.

2 – She didn’t like the products offered

Your marketing team is trying to get as many eyeballs on your site as possible, they won’t all be a perfect fit for your brand. This is also where getting your best sellers front and center can help. They’re best sellers for a reason, show them off. Another thing to consider is site speed and how many products the average customer looks at. Making it faster and easier to shop will help her see something that sparks interest. Is your site fast and fun to shop? Yup, Stylaquin makes websites faster and more fun to shop.

3 – She didn’t like the prices offered

I’m going to say something that may surprise you but, price is actually meaningless because the customer determines value. If a very chic person visits your site and it offers discounts and shouts low prices, then even though the prices are low she probably won’t buy. If a price-conscious customer comes to your site and it looks very high-end she probably won’t buy. If you have a very high-end site make sure your images are high quality, keep copy to a minimum and never make the prices end with .99. High-end shoppers want to spend money, let them. If your site caters to bargain hunters, then shout out prices, make every price end in .99 and look at things like countdown clocks for savings, sale items, and secret savings offers. Customers will self select fairly quickly, so focus on your home page and make sure it will connect with your target customer.

4 – She didn’t see herself reflected in the site

If you’re selling a niche category, like hunting, golf, or sporting goods, for instance, make sure that it doesn’t look like a boys club. Women make 87% of all online purchases. Are women featured on the home page? Do you have content designed for women? Take a look at your site with fresh eyes. Often things shift over time and if your design team is using manufacturer’s images your site may not reflect that it has products for women.

5 – She didn’t have fun shopping

This is where Stylaquin can really help. online shopping was designed by men for the way men shop, but women shop differently. Stylaquin makes a website more fun to shop because she can flip through it like she flips through a magazine or catalog. Shoppers view more products in less time, so they see more things they like. Stylaquin also adds an Idea Board so she can see all the things she is interested in together and then change colors, sizes and even move them around before checking out. Stylaquin can increase customer engagement by over 40% and increase sales by over 300%. Download our guide called “Keep ’em coming back for more!” to learn how Stylaquin can help you increase customer engagement.

3 technology innovations that can Increase Website Sales

1) FindMine
Findmine works as a upsell engine that drives 3-7% additional revenue. It uses AI to suggest items that go well with what customers are looking at. It adds a suggestion bar to the bottom of each page that displays additional items. There is also integration with a direct-mail programs that works in tandem with an abandoned cart program, and FindMine can be integrated into the in-store experience as well. They offer merchant intelligence features that provide onsite into customer purchasing patterns.

2) Storeya
Storeya has several products but the most innovative is the Traffic Booster. It uses a proprietary algorithm and AI to fine-tune Google Ads so that ramp-up time to finding what works and what doesn’t is decreased. It has a dashboard that lets you see which leads are driving customers to your site and lets you expand your spend when you find the sweet spot. They are an official Google Ads reseller and have increased the effectiveness of google ad spend by over 8X for several clients. If you’re struggling to get a decent ROI from your google ad budget check Storeya out.

3) Stylaquin
Stylaquin is a solution designed for women shoppers. Stylaquin adds a bar to the side of your website that acts as a portal to both a Look Book feature and an Idea board. It creates a completely new way to experience a website, one that women prefer, without re-engineering or re-platforming. The Look Book takes the images for each product and puts them into a template so that rather than a grid where shoppers can see one image at a time, they get a full page of images. This lets them flip through a site like they flip through a magazine. When shoppers find items they are interested in they add them to the Idea Board, where they can change sizes, quantities, and colors as well as move items around to see how they look together. It even has a running total of what’s on the board and what’s in the cart. When customers are ready to buy it moves them to the checkout. If you’ve ever watched women shop online this makes perfect sense. Instead of opening 18 tabs and flipping back and forth between them, women can see everything they’re considering in one place. Customers have seen increases over 400% as well as increased time-on-site, increased conversion rates and increased customer return rates. It’s not like anything else on the market, it fact it’s so unique it’s patented.

If you’d like to learn more about how women shop, and why it’s the key to increasing your online sales. Download: Increase Your Online Sales by Understanding How Women Shop

Fast or Fun?

The future performance of your website will depend on how you answer this question: When customers come to your website do they want to buy something they already know exists or do they want to shop for fun? Think about that for a minute. Do they come to your site to buy or to shop? E-commerce began as a way for catalogs to save money on having phone reps take orders. Remember “Order online anytime 24/7”? Online shopping was designed to be a fast and efficient way to buy, not an engaging and fun way to shop. Do you want your customers to get in and out fast or do you want them to have a fabulous shopping experience? Stylaquin lets customers have both experiences on the same website with a few lines of code and API access. It’s kind of magic. Watch this 1-minute video to see how it works. hashtag#ecommercehashtag#onlinemarketinghashtag#shopping

Gender bias, e-commerce and artificial intelligence

Do you ever just know that something is wrong but you can’t quite put your finger on why? AI is coming. AI will revolutionize e-commerce. AI is the future. But is AI fixing the right problem?

When you hear “I need to buy a shirt” did you picture a man or a women? When you hear “I need a new outfit” did you picture a man or a woman? Women don’t item shop the way men do. I’m talking in general here, please don’t hit the outrage button. 

Men shop differently than women do and online shopping is designed for the way men shop. Will AI be designed for the way men shop or the way women shop? Both is the obvious and easy answer, women shoppers will get shown things that women buy, men will get show things that men buy. Which is how the web treats women shoppers—item shoppers who buy different items. But they aren’t. Women who like to shop don’t item shop unless they have a specific need. It’s often what starts a longer shopping experience. Women shop because they like to shop. They like comparing and considering. They like to spend time looking at things they know they probably won’t buy. Data bears this out, women shop significantly more than men. 85% of all online purchases are made by women.

Think about the term “retail therapy” do you picture a man or a woman? What if the whole concept of online shopping needs to be rethought? The vast majority of all online purchases are made by women, and yet the web is designed for the way men shop. That’s the result of gender bias created by the lack of women in tech. #womenintech #diversity #genderbias

What if you could have add a shopping experience to your website that gives women the experience they value without replatforming and without changing the experience for men? What if you could do it without replatforming? What if it was easy? What if it was inexpensive. What if it increased engagement, increased return visits, and increased sales? Check out this one minute video that shows that it’s possible, easy and super fun to shop with. #Stylaquin

Online shopping kind of sucks

I’ve spent the last 30 years with a laser focus on how women shop and what we have now isn’t cutting it for women.

The web was designed by engineers and coders who value speed and efficiency. They did a brilliant job, it is fast and efficient, but if you actually like shopping, if you want a journey, and beauty, and a fluid shopping experience, it still kind of sucks.

Women make 85% of all online purchases and they shop differently than men. Why isn’t online shopping geared for them?

It can be! On the train, coming back from NEMOA in 2016, I had a moment of creative clarity and after four years of work, a patent and an MIT Ph.D., I have a way to make online shopping fun and engaging, without changing the website. It’s kind of magical. Here’s a 1-minute video that explains it. Let me know what you think! It’s currently in beta, our first tester is up over 400% and the return customer rate is over 30%. Want to try it?  has

Bored with online shopping?

We are too! The web should be as bold and beautiful as all the fabulous things you can buy. Is the dress fabulous, the suit just killer, or the shoes to die for? Why not show everything in all it’s glory AND make shopping easier and more intuitive? That’s where Stylaquin comes in. If you are interested in joining the revolution, leave a reply and we’ll get back to you.