Shopify SEO

What Metrics Matter to Search Engines?

SEO rank is determined by these 4 basic metrics For those of you who are trying to tackle SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, the first thing to remember is that search engines are just machines that use an algorithm to determine your site’s SEO rank. There are no real live people involved, and search engines   →

What improves Shopify conversion rates?

What improves your Shopify site’s conversion rate? So you have a Shopify website, and you have great products, and everything looks good, but you don’t have a great conversion rate. What improves the conversion rate and how hard is it to do? Let’s start with what changes can improve your conversion rate. Discounting: Discounting and   →

Why is return website traffic important?

Why is return website traffic important? There are several great reasons why return traffic is important. The percentage of return visitors vs new visitors affects your Google rank. New visitors costs more to acquire than return visitors. Return visitors are already interested so they are more likely to buy. That’s all good, but does it   →

Why time on site is a key to outsmarting Google

Wondering why time on site is so important? Time on Site is one of Google’s most important data points If Google sends a searcher to a site and they leave quickly clearly it wasn’t a good fit for the searcher. That‘s bad for Google. The longer a searcher stays on a site, the more Google   →

How to Outsmart Google

How to Outsmart Google Getting your site to rank for Google is vital to your success. Google is just an algorithm and you can outsmart it! This guide will help you see your online Shopify store the way Google sees it and give you the secrets to getting Google to pick your site instead of   →

Innovation that increases online sales? Really?

There is a Shopify App that will Increase sales! Are you a Shopify website owner with great products but not enough site traffic and sales? Are you frustrated and confused about how to get more traffic and increase conversions? Would you like your site to show a growth curve that even vaguely resembles a hockey   →

The Stats Panel

How to read the Stylaquin Stats Panel To find the Stats tab, go to your Shopify Admin Panel and on the left choose Apps, then Stylaquin. This will open the Stylaquin Admin Panel. The Stats tab is at the top of the Stylaquin Admin Panel. Your Stats page should look like the image above. At   →

Why innovation matters to online shopping

Innovation is the spark that sets you apart When you are trying to compete in a crowded marketplace, you need to stand out. There are several ways to do that: The lowest prices, the best service, unique products, interesting promotions, creative social media, and so on. Several of those are problematic from an ROI perspective.   →

Why is organic traffic important for Shopify?

What drives Organic traffic on Shopify Shopify is a great platform for building your store, but just being on Shopify doesn’t mean you will get any organic traffic. Organic traffic comes from search engines and is why you hear so much about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and its benefits. Creating content and a user experience   →

5 Ways to Increase Your Shopify Sales

5 Ways to Increasing Shopify Sales 1) Get your site to stand out and be memorable. Stylaquin is an engagement engine that adds the tools and experience power-shoppers love. It creates Look Book pages for each product using our algorithm. Instead of clicking through each image one by one, customers see a full page of   →