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How to get customers to stay on your site longer

How to get customers to stay on your site longer Time on site is the term used to measure how long a visitor stays on a website. Why is time on site important? It’s the often overlooked metric that measures how engaged and interested visitors are with your website. The longer a visitor spends on   →

What does keeping your content fresh actually mean?

How to keep your content fresh What does “Fresh” even mean? When you ask experts how to get more organic traffic, one of the things that always makes the list is keeping your site fresh. Fresh is a pretty vague term. Fresh like lettuce, or fresh like potatoes? It turns out that there are different   →

3 technology innovations that can Increase Shopify Sales

re you a Shopify site that wants to increase sales and engagement? Are you looking for Shopify Apps that would be helpful to your customers and not blow through your marketing budget. Here are three to consider.

There are 3 kinds of online shoppers, can you make them all happy?

There are 3 kinds of shoppers, can you make them all happy? There are really only three types of shoppers who visit websites. Just three, the rest are bots and criminals—sigh. Let’s take a look at how each of them interacts with your Shopify website so you can make sure they all get the shopping   →

Why don’t customers return to your Shopify website?

Why don’t customers come back to your website? The answer is simple: your site is boring. WHAT??? Dropping a truth bomb here—most websites are boring, but there’s nothing wrong with that! Boring sites are great for a lot of shoppers, especially those who already know what they want and just need to buy it. But   →

What is a good conversion rate for Shopify?

What is a good conversion rate for Shopify? One of the most important analytics tools in Shopify is the conversion rate. You can find it in your Shopify Dashboard in the Analytics tab. The conversion rate tells you how many of the visitors to your site became customers. According to Shopify anything over 3.3% puts   →

Innovation that increases online sales? Really?

There is a Shopify App that will Increase sales! Are you a Shopify website owner with great products but not enough site traffic and sales? Are you frustrated and confused about how to get more traffic and increase conversions? Would you like your site to show a growth curve that even vaguely resembles a hockey   →

Why engagement solves more problems than you think

Don’t underestimate the power of engagement to get your Shopify store to the next level You hear a lot of Shopify experts talking about SEO and marketing being what you need to focus on, but you don’t hear as much about engagement. What’s odd about that is engagement is the Big Kahuna in how Google   →

Online sales disappointing? Try targeting power-shoppers.

Power-shoppers just love shopping They are the online shopping elite, the folks who love shopping and enjoy shopping online. But how can you get them to stop by and stay on your site? Who are power-shoppers? Power-shoppers come in all shapes and sizes but they share one thing — they love to shop. It’s really   →

What is the best free Shopify theme?

How to choose the best free theme for your Shopify site Shopify 2.0 themes Before you get started looking at themes, you should know that Shopify has introduced a new theme structure that makes many things behind the scenes more streamlined and consistent. They call these themes 2.0 themes. While you can still buy themes   →