The Journey

Where we have come from, where we are, and where we are going.

Becoming a Shopify App

Becoming a Shopify App Our journey began with an idea, followed by a patent, followed by a sh*t ton of work. The initial plan was to sell Stylaquin to large companies, where we would integrate with each individually. Good plan, bad timing. Before the pandemic hit, we were just coming out of beta and the   →

So, did it work? Yup, big time!​

Does Stylaquin work? Yup, big time! When we first started testing Stylaquin, we saw right away that it worked, but the site was small, and the increases were HUGE in percentage terms, 400% in year one, over 350% so far in year two. Heck, they were up 1200% during the first wave of the pandemic.   →

So excited to be profiled by Engine!

So excited to be profiled by Engine! Here’s the link to Stylaquin’s profile by Engine. We are grateful to be selected and super supportive of the work Engine is doing to help promote Net Neutrality.