How to improve Shopify SEO

How to get customers to stay on your site longer

How to get customers to stay on your site longer Time on site is the term used to measure how long a visitor stays on a website. Why is time on site important? It’s the often overlooked metric that measures how engaged and interested visitors are with your website. The longer a visitor spends on   →

What does keeping your content fresh actually mean?

How to keep your content fresh What does “Fresh” even mean? When you ask experts how to get more organic traffic, one of the things that always makes the list is keeping your site fresh. Fresh is a pretty vague term. Fresh like lettuce, or fresh like potatoes? It turns out that there are different   →

Innovation that increases online sales? Really?

There is a Shopify App that will Increase sales! Are you a Shopify website owner with great products but not enough site traffic and sales? Are you frustrated and confused about how to get more traffic and increase conversions? Would you like your site to show a growth curve that even vaguely resembles a hockey   →

5 Ways to Increase Your Shopify Sales

5 Ways to Increasing Shopify Sales 1) Get your site to stand out and be memorable. Stylaquin is an engagement engine that adds the tools and experience power-shoppers love. It creates Look Book pages for each product using our algorithm. Instead of clicking through each image one by one, customers see a full page of   →

How a link from the Dalai Lama boosted my Google site rank

Give your Shopify SEO a boost with external links Years ago, I helped out a non-profit, and they asked if they could do something for me in return. I asked them to link to my website, and I linked to theirs in return. A few months later, my site’s Google site rank skyrocketed. It turned   →

How to Use Internal Links to Improve SEO in Shopify

How to Use Internal Links to Improve SEO in Shopify One of the most underused weapons in the SEO arsenal is linking. Google is trying to serve up the best results to any search and to do that it needs to determine what things are important and what things aren’t. You may have a better,   →

Using names to increase SEO in Shopify

There is real SEO power in a product’s name What’s in a name? Well, you determine that when you add it to your Shopify site. You can call a product anything you want, so here are some ideas for leveraging the product name for SEO success. Once a product is popular and well known, i.e.   →