What does keeping your content fresh actually mean?

How to keep your content fresh What does “Fresh” even mean? When you ask experts how to get more organic traffic, one of the things that always makes the list is keeping your site fresh. Fresh is a pretty vague term. Fresh like lettuce, or fresh like potatoes? It turns out that there are different   →

3 technology innovations that can Increase Shopify Sales

re you a Shopify site that wants to increase sales and engagement? Are you looking for Shopify Apps that would be helpful to your customers and not blow through your marketing budget. Here are three to consider.

Hump Day Bar Hopping with Stylaquin

Hump Day Bar Hopping! Thanks for spending time with us on a Wednesday, where we learn more about how to get ahead in the challenging world of e-commerce. https://youtu.be/jTBbCprJ8GAhttps://youtu.be/hnd8Ck3cKCQhttps://youtu.be/YkvQ1K8Q28whttps://youtu.be/o_tfnONPaXshttps://youtu.be/OClCtjtK7VEhttps://youtu.be/IfLi4kYwaqAhttps://youtu.be/bx1mB5_edLQhttps://youtu.be/0HsKsaySc-Mhttps://youtu.be/4EVSwxUcUtchttps://youtu.be/sarvee9Fj3khttps://youtu.be/tilseQkgsawhttps://youtu.be/DhEjNa-6oBk

There are 3 kinds of online shoppers, can you make them all happy?

There are 3 kinds of shoppers, can you make them all happy? There are really only three types of shoppers who visit websites. Just three, the rest are bots and criminals—sigh. Let’s take a look at how each of them interacts with your Shopify website so you can make sure they all get the shopping   →

Why don’t customers return to your Shopify website?

Why don’t customers come back to your website? The answer is simple: your site is boring. WHAT??? Dropping a truth bomb here—most websites are boring, but there’s nothing wrong with that! Boring sites are great for a lot of shoppers, especially those who already know what they want and just need to buy it. But   →

What is a good conversion rate for Shopify?

What is a good conversion rate for Shopify? One of the most important analytics tools in Shopify is the conversion rate. You can find it in your Shopify Dashboard in the Analytics tab. The conversion rate tells you how many of the visitors to your site became customers. According to Shopify anything over 3.3% puts   →

The Power of “What if?”

Let’s talk about “what if?” Building a business is hard, even with great tools like Shopify. Starting out with nothing but an idea and then working through all the questions, and the million, million decisions that it takes to even open the door. Then the grind to get customers, until you finally build your store   →

5 Ways to Increase Your Shopify Sales

5 Ways to Increasing Shopify Sales 1) Get your site to stand out and be memorable. Stylaquin is an engagement engine that adds the tools and experience power-shoppers love. It creates Look Book pages for each product using our algorithm. Instead of clicking through each image one by one, customers see a full page of   →

How to get customers to come back

5 simple truths about getting more customers back to your Shopify website Marketers often talk about the Sales Funnel. New customers go in the top and lost customers come out the bottom. The more customers who stay in the funnel, the better your overall sales will be since return customers typically buy more and more   →